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Web-hosting services

  • universal web-hosting
  • fixed speed of 100Mb/sec
  • constantly evolving range of services

IT4CARE, o.p.s. offers universal web-hosting with range of services for general public for reasonable prices. Web-hosting prices is very complex theme for beginners, but if you go by the motto "I am not that rich to enjoy cheap things" then web-hosting from IT4CARE is exactly for you.

Seminars and training services

  • full IT support and care
  • collective or individual training
  • seminars adapted to your needs

We offer collective IT seminars as well as individual IT trainings and we offer it for beginners, advanced users, but also for administrators, programers and developers. We are able to adapt to your needs and prepare training as you wish.

Software on demand

  • in depth primery analysis
  • option of application extension
  • bespoke software

In todays' volatile world and commercial markets for general public it is very difficult to find such a system, that would satisfy your criteria. If you are looking for fast, reliable and secure system, which would satisfy majority of your wishes, then you need IT4CARE, o.p.s. well-arranged and intuitively elaborated bespoke software.

Full IT management

  • full responsibility for your IT
  • security ans safety of your data
  • 24/7 support call center

All the IT services on one place and all the responsibility given to one company - you can fully focus on your own goals and leave the "IT stuff" on us. Under our supervision your infrastructure will be reliable, efficient and preventively secured against data loss. We analyze current situation and find optimal solution for your future needs. We provide editing and network extension with consecutive maintenance and support services.

Website production

  • original presentation as you wish it
  • high-quality business promotion
  • website, e-shop, SEO and others

The most important element of propagation and and the most vital marketing item of current world is original and modern websites. Easy to find, regularly updated and graphically appealing website will promote your business and your clients will appreciate it - they found what they were looking for.

IT management in policlinics

  • analýza a zajištění IT zázemí ambulance
  • kompletní správa a bezpečnost IT
  • stálá telefonická podpora

Currently 80% of policlinics uses an software application for keeping data about their patients. Hence they have to maintain it. It is important to appreciate that full system management will assure not only security of the data but also smooth operation of the policlinic.
If you really want to guarantee full IT management for your policlinics and safety of patients' data included, let me introduce you to IT4CARE.


The company interests mainly in the information portals and related call centres. Consecutivally new information portals developed, but now they were focused only on one area or profession.

There exists wast number of individual sources of information about given problems on the web, which gives only limited amount of information with diverse quality and relevance of the data. Some services even are completely unavailable.

We provide comprehensive management and presentation of your company.