Web-hosting services

IT4CARE, o.p.s. offers universal web-hosting with range of services for general public for reasonable prices. Web-hosting prices is very complex theme for beginners, but if you go by the motto "I am not that rich to enjoy cheap things" then web-hosting from IT4CARE is exactly for you.

We also guarantee:

  • unlimited data transfer (traffic)
  • constantly evolving range of services
  • maximal focus on security and safety of your private data
  • stability and speed of 100Mb/sec
  • regular daily data back up
  • compatibility and optimization of individual items and applications
  • individual 24/7 assistance 365 day a year
  • unlimited number of subdomains

Web-hosting IT4CARE is also optimized for Drupal systems.

Elementary attributes

  • 1 GB space on disc (joint for web, e-mail and database)
  • Unlimited data transfer (traffic)
  • Accessibility 99,5%
  • DNS monitoring for your domain
  • Domain functional with www and without www (e.g. domain.cz as well as www.domain.cz)
  • Unlimited number of subdomain (3rd degree)

Scripts and databases

  • Support of PHP5 scripts
  • Database - choose from either MySQL or PostgreSQL
  • Database SQLite
  • .htaccess - possibility of individual configuration of web server
  • CRON - periodical script initiation


  • 10 e-mail accounts
  • Recieving e-mails through POP3 and IMAP and also secured POP3S and IMAPS
  • SMTP server for sending e-mails through secure SMTP connection (TLS)
  • SSL security system when accessing e-mail through www interface(webmail)
  • Antivirus protection of e-mails
  • Anti-spam for e-mails

FTP services

  • FTP, SFTP server for file transfers to and from server
  • possibility of private SSH authentication keys (no need to enter password for SFTP/SCP)
  • HTTP authentication for address books - adress book access only under password

Services for SEO

  • .htaccess - option to set up "nice URL"
  • Modul mod_rewrite and mod_alias
  • Setup of personal error pages 401, 403, 404 and 500

Visit rate stats

  • Statistics for domains up to 2nd degree
  • Individual statistics for subdomains up to 3rd degree
  • AWStats
  • Full access log

Back up and monitoring

  • Back up through RAID5 technology
  • Data back up every 7 days, kept in archive for 1 month (web, database, e-mails)
  • Nonstop server monitoring by supervising center

Customer care

  • on the phone
  • through the E-mail

CMS Drupal support includes:

  • Testing of security of applications in testing interface and immediate updates into production interface
  • Testing of security of module updates in testing interface and consequential update into production interface
  • Core optimization
  • Support of extension and conversion of dB MysQL and PHP for CMS Drupal processes
  • "cache" support in system performance increase
  • E-mail support with implementation problems

Testing interface:

  • Identical web interface to production one for new application testing in detached infrastructure
  • Full support of functions and modules as in production interface
  • 3rd degree domain free of charge
  • Transfer from testing to production interface free of charge
  • Individual back up free of charge

We would be glad to advice you with the correct choice and we will provide you with detailed information about everyting.

Quick contact

Tel.: +420 733 357 426
E-mail: info@it4care.cz


The company interests mainly in the information portals and related call centres. Consecutivally new information portals developed, but now they were focused only on one area or profession.

There exists wast number of individual sources of information about given problems on the web, which gives only limited amount of information with diverse quality and relevance of the data. Some services even are completely unavailable.

We provide comprehensive management and presentation of your company.