IT management in policlinics

Currently 80% of policlinics uses an software application for keeping data about their patients. Hence they have to maintain it. It is important to appreciate that full system management will assure not only security of the data but also smooth operation of the policlinic.
If you really want to guarantee full IT management for your policlinics and safety of patients' data included, let me introduce you to IT4CARE.

IT4CARE, o.p.s. offers comprehensive management of IT, applications or circumferential equipmwnt. We will take care of the information system, we will set it up for periodical back up, updates and we will install high-quality antivir for absolute security of your data, too. We will compile in depth analysis of IT background and create documentation then we will set up lifecycle for hardware. Subsequently we will design alternative application software as a solution to the problem. Afterwards we will search for the most suitable internet connection and propose safe remote access to the network.

Our company also offers 24/7 call center for you where we cater IT advices and other help. Team of experts from health, social services and information technology areas will guarantee the delivery of the best services available.

We save Your time, advice you, what changes should be done and how to set up your system for your needs, without your need to do or learn anything new.

Further more our company offers website production together with its future maintanace. It provides you with e-mail services. It even gives you the opportunity of IT training on all levels. For more information visit ►

Even though information technologies won't solve all your problems in health services, they are crutial element for increasing effectiveness of your health care.

If you choose us, you won't have to care for your coputer anymore, you will just focus on your patients.

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The company interests mainly in the information portals and related call centres. Consecutivally new information portals developed, but now they were focused only on one area or profession.

There exists wast number of individual sources of information about given problems on the web, which gives only limited amount of information with diverse quality and relevance of the data. Some services even are completely unavailable.

We provide comprehensive management and presentation of your company.