Software on demand

In todays' volatile world and commercial markets for general public it is very difficult to find such a system, that would satisfy your criteria. If you are looking for fast, reliable and secure system, which would satisfy majority of your wishes, then you need IT4CARE, o.p.s. well-arranged and intuitively elaborated bespoke software.

  • we will carry out analysis into your companies' needs
  • we will provide you with almost any software without any previous area specifications
  • we will meet complex application requirements
  • we will design solution for every function tool you can wish for
  • we will enable future application extension
  • we will install it and train you free of charge

Bespoke software advantages:

  • adaptation of companies' internal processes
  • work and process efficiency
  • users' elements united
  • functionality and ease of handling
  • possibility of future changes and additional functions
  • fast evolution and expandability
  • data security
  • reliability of the software
  • speed, flexibility, service
  • on-line call center
  • possibility of network construction

Touted software:

  • application databases
  • integrations to system
  • data management systems
  • information systems
  • system applications
  • application on demand
  • ergonomic control
  • original and well-arranged design
  • web applications

All the web based applications are based on the "slim client".

Technology of software evolution:

  • MySQL
  • Postgres
  • Oracle
  • Informix

Programming language:

  • PHP
  • Perl
  • C++
  • Java
  • C#


  • DMS – Document Management System – system for managing your document over web interface
  • KPI – Key Performance Identification – reporting system, it creates reports based on data collected
  • Information portals – portal is enabling access to complete information from a whole range of valid and responsible sources

If you need non-committal consultation, we are happy to talk to you about your project and outline possible variations, price and time needed for realization.

Quick contact

Tel.: +420 733 357 426


The company interests mainly in the information portals and related call centres. Consecutivally new information portals developed, but now they were focused only on one area or profession.

There exists wast number of individual sources of information about given problems on the web, which gives only limited amount of information with diverse quality and relevance of the data. Some services even are completely unavailable.

We provide comprehensive management and presentation of your company.