IT management

Our supervision make your infrastructure reliable, efficient and with maximal security. We are prepared to individual checkups as well as to take up full responsibility for your computer network

We install and configure all computers, servers, peripheries and provide them with ongoing maintenance. We take care of information systems, where we setup regular backup, updates and we assure high-quality antivirus software.

First we compile in depth analysis of IT background and create documentation then we set up lifecycle for hardware. Subsequently we design alternative application software as a solution to the problem.

Afterwards we search for the most suitable internet connection and propose safe remote access to the network. We can also offer web presentations, e-mail services or web-hosting, and we can even arrange security audit or certifications.

Beside previously presented services our IT outsourcing offers call center where you can ask when you have any IT based inquiries.


The company interests mainly in the information portals and related call centres. Consecutivally new information portals developed, but now they were focused only on one area or profession.

There exists wast number of individual sources of information about given problems on the web, which gives only limited amount of information with diverse quality and relevance of the data. Some services even are completely unavailable.

We provide comprehensive management and presentation of your company.