SEO optimization for search engines

Basic presumption for successful and dynamically expanding companies is high-quality web optimization. SEO optimization will increase your internet presentation in search engines, hence customers will be able to find your website themselves.

Increased visit rate = satisfied customer = higher sales = greater profits

Our company guarantees agreed location at search engines by returning fees if you are not there.

SEO optimization - procedure:

  • consultancy and categorization of demands on web
  • creation of final direction of website
  • setup of long term strategy
  • key word set
  • Editing of source code for 100% validation
  • optimization of website based on key words
  • setup of regular periodical optimization

IT4CARE, o.p.s. offers original SEO optimization, which is carried out on the base of results from questionnaire that determines aims and goals of companies' web presentation. Consequently the long term optimization strategy and price are also based on that questionnaire.